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Animal Welfare

After the 2019 reports of animal cruelty discovered on a supplying farm, fairlife took the following actions:

Zero Tolerance Policy

All farms that supply milk to fairlife have committed to a ZERO TOLERANCE policy of animal abuse. It’s our policy that all supplying farm employees must sign this commitment as part of their required training and continuously live by it. Violation of this policy results in termination of any employee who has abused an animal on one occasion and, if appropriate, referral to law enforcement for further investigation.

Meet Dr. Hake

Meet Dr. Hake: In January 2020 we hired a full-time Director of Animal Welfare and Sustainable Farming, Dr. Marissa Hake, DVM. Dr. Hake oversees fairlife audits and works with farmers on continuous improvement plans to bring our shared animal welfare vision to life.


fairlife has invested more than $8 million in industry-leading animal welfare programs and policies to maintain the proper treatment of the animals at our supplying farms. This includes regular, unannounced third party audits at 100% of our supplying farms throughout the year and adherence by our partners to animal care standards well beyond the accepted industry standards.

Animal Welfare Council

We’re committed to learning and leading. That’s why we’ve established the fairlife Animal Welfare Advisory Council, an independent council that consists of nationally and internationally recognized experts in animal welfare. This council, in collaboration with our supplying farmers and other industry leaders, makes sure that our priorities are grounded in the latest scientific research, ultimately resulting in exploring innovative animal welfare solutions. In addition, we’re making significant investments in collaboration with our farmer partners to enable the implementation of our evolving approaches to animal care.