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Animal Welfare

Our Animal Welfare Priorities

Animals need and deserve more than the bare essentials, which is why we and our farming partners are working to create robust animal care policies that reinforce these values. Our leadership team is working closely with the fairlife Animal Welfare Advisory Council to maintain comprehensive animal welfare priorities to ensure that the animals who provide fairlife dairy products are cared for and cared about on a daily basis.

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Animal Well-Being

Our partner farmers are committed to the well-being of their cows. Each farm has veterinarian oversight to provide frequent wellness checks to ensure the overall health and wellness of the animals.


All farms that supply to fairlife must offer cows housing environments that are designed to keep the animals clean, safe, and comfortable. Cow housing must be regularly monitored to ensure thermal comfort of the animals. In keeping with current science and public expectations, we’ll encourage and incentivize all supplying farms to pursue innovation that further ensures general animal comfort.

Humane Handling

fairlife recognizes that dairy cattle should be handled with patience, care, and compassion to minimize unpleasant mental states such as fear and distress, maximize their comfort, and ensure their physical safety as well as that of their handlers. We require our suppliers to ensure that animal caretakers are trained in low-stress cow and calf handling. Supplying farms are expected to utilize handling facilities, equipment, and procedures that reduce stress to the cattle, and they should monitor the animals consistently during handling to better protect the physical safety of animals.


Working together with our supplying farms, fairlife has created specific standards that define transportation responsibility. Supplying farms are directly responsible for arranging for safe transportation both on and off their farms, irrespective of animal ownership.

Pain Mitigation

fairlife is committed to improving pain detection, identifying routine practices that cause pain to cows and calves, and finding alternatives to avoid or mitigate pain. We do not accept milk from farms that utiltize branding and work with farms to find brand alternatives in states that require branding.

ZERO Tolerance

All farms that supply milk to fairlife have committed to ZERO TOLERANCE policy of animal abuse. It’s our policy that all supplying farm employees must sign a Cow Care Agreement as part of their required training and continuously live by it.

“As a food animal veterinarian, my number one goal is to help farmers raise healthy animals, thus ensuring a safe & nutritious food supply. At fairlife we will continue to support our supplying farmers as they pursue the best in animal care.”

– Dr Marissa Hake, DVM