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Animal Welfare
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When an incident of animal cruelty occurred on a supplying farm in 2019, fairlife immediately stopped buying milk from the supplier and developed a robust welfare program in partnership with our other supplying farms, focused on strong, actionable policies.

Our Immediate Steps

Our Commitment to Animal Welfare

Our commitment to animal welfare is a key pillar in our pledge to provide you and your family with safe, highly nutritious products. This is a commitment that we share with our supplying farm partners. We understand that providing cows with great nutrition, along with maintaining clean, safe, comfortable environments, is not only important to their overall well-being, but leads to great-tasting, high-quality milk.


Our holistic approach to animal welfare has four components:

Continuously Investing In Animal Welfare

Strong Farmer Partnerships

Our Animal Welfare Priorities

Ongoing Governance

Care for Animals

What We Believe

We are driven by a simple belief: we can always make the world better.

What do we mean by better? For people, it’s about providing them with nourishment that fits their needs and goals, while inspiring and empowering them to make a difference. For dairy cows, it’s about striving to provide a quality of life that not only incorporates basic health and safety needs, but also aims to minimize mental stress, accommodate natural behaviors, and avoid or minimize pain. For farmers and animal caretakers, it’s about our valuing and demonstrating compassion and respect for the important role they play in caring for cows and working with them to embody these core values in their daily care of animals.